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Solar Gard Window Films

A Sustainable Solution to Improve Building Energy Efficiency

Making the right decisions about energy-efficiency improvements for your home or building is challenging. Understanding your options is critical, whether your goal is to reduce operating costs, decrease carbon emissions or create a more comfortable and productive environment.


Bolster your property with tested window films & protective film solutions

In an environment that receives as much sun as the UAE, it is important for your property to be fitted with the technology to reduce and temper the effects of solar radiation – from the extreme heat to the high concentration of ultraviolet radiation.

Make sure you and your property are protected against the dangers of excessive exposure to solar rays. Partner with one of the leading distributors of high-grade films in the region today – Solar Heat Insulation L.L.C.

We offer a comprehensive range of film solutions designed to meet modern day needs

We at Solar Heat Insulation L.L.C. provide an array of film products and solutions for various applications, including architectural, automotive, and residential. We have partnered with one of the industry leading solar film developers in the world, Solar Gard Saint-Gobain, to bring some of the most advanced innovations in the field of solar film development, from the research and development platforms to actual, real-life applications.

Currently, our products are divided into four general categories, each one addressing a specialised area of application:

From defending your home to improving its aesthetic quality, our products can deliver

With our range of products, you can boost the privacy and security of your home, while also making it look more to your liking. You can change the mood of your indoor environment by controlling the intensity of light entering the space through the windows. You can also stylise your space by changing its look and feel through personalised decorative films. The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination.

Ready to stylise your space?

If you are ready to bring your own sense of style to your space, feel free to contact Solar Heat Insulation L.L.C., your number one source of world-class quality tints and films in the UAE.

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