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Solar Heat Insulation.L.L.C Proudly represents the world famous and leading quality product SOLARGARD SAINT-GOBAIN window films as authorized distributor in United Arab Emirates.

We are specialized in automotive, architectural, safety and decoration films application. We are well organized with skilled man power and qualified administration with relevant knowledge in the solar film industry to provide the sun control and energy saving solutions to the clients on any kind of challenging surfaces.

Our “ULTIMATE TINT SHOP” is located in dubai according to the international standard to install the products responsibly. We follow all the quality criteria of Solar Gard quality concept of Ultimate Tint Shop world wide. Our ranges of products in the automotive series are unbeatable in quality and durability will surely satisfy the customer’s need and return the value for your investment.

Solar Gard sun control films have been in the leading and quality product in the solar film industry for last three decades. Solar Gard has always been the industry leader with environmental concerns and recognized with ISO 14001 certification which ensures the manufacturing facility control the minimal impact on the environment during the production and perform to reduce the energy consumption.

Solar Heat promotes our corporate concept of “Earth positive and carbon negative” with the aim of reducing the CO2 emissions and carbon footprints in the energy saving mission.

Solargard products can reject the solar heat radiation upto 82% and helps you to reduce to electricity utilization by 30%. Within a period of 4-5 years after the product installation, your investment in solargard products can be recovered from the routine electricity expenditure and helps you to save in the expenses then on.

Our extended services are utilized by commercial building and show rooms, schools, offices, villas and residential towers, cars, automotive fleets such as school transports and company vehicles. Our products and services are warranted with ten years factory backed warranty. Our expert installation team installs the film from inside or outside any surfaces such as skylight or other exposure at any heights.

We have been successful in promoting the sun control and energy saving solutions to our clients and ensure customer satisfaction since our products are unbeatable in performance and quality consistency. Our products and services are offered in all seven states of United Arab Emirates. Our marketing and energy analyzing experts are at your service upon request to propose the solutions at free of cost.

Your sun control and the energy saving decision are your contribution towards to the society who works for a better environment tomorrow.

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