World-class Sun Control Films in Dubai for Cars and Other Applications

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The temperature in the Middle East can soar up to 50 degrees Celsius during summer. With such intense heat, most air conditioning units cannot keep up with the demand for a cool and comfy indoor environment. In some buildings, their architectural design incorporates harnesses the natural power of the sun, hence exposure to the sun is sometimes unavoidable. In cases like these, using sun control film products is ideal as they help reduce heat and maintain a cool indoor environment.

Here is the major role of the key performer in the sun control solution industry, SolarGrad Saint-Gobain window films. Solar Gard Window films Reject the solar heat radiation up to an amazing ratio of 82% and blocks 99% of the Ultra Violet rays while allowing the desired comfortable daylight inside. SolarGard films helps to reduce the energy spent in the cooling systems and cut down your utility expenditure by 30%.

External Sun Control Films in Dubai

Solar Heat Insulation LLC is an authorised distributor of Solar Gard products in the United Arab Emirates.

Solar Gard’s sun films in Dubai are thin, multi-layered pieces of optically clear film. They can be used on any kind of property, as they can be retrofitted to fit the inside surface of the glass.

Solar Gard window films are able to resist solar heat radiation for up to 82 percent and block 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, while still allowing in a satisfactory amount of light inside. These sun control films can contribute to reduction of energy used by cooling systems, and thus lower your utility costs by up to 30 percent. In addition, these window films help slow down the deterioration of a property’s interiors while enhancing the exterior appearance of a structure.

Solar Gard window films have a coating of durable metals, such as titanium, copper, stainless steel, gold, silver, aluminium, and other alloys. These amalgamations of metals are the reason behind its remarkable solar performance capabilities and colour.

Solar Gard’s line of sentinel outside weatherable (OSW) films are specifically designed for use on the external sentry of a building to protect the structure from extreme levels of heat, glare, and UV rays. OSW films are ideal for areas that cannot be reached by internal applications. These also provide the needed protection against glass breakage and seal failure in places that are extremely high or too hard to reach. Solar Gard’s OSW films have a warranty coverage of up to 5 years.

Internal Sun Control Film in Dubai

Letting natural light into your home adds life and energy to the interior ambiance of your living spaces. However, excessive sunlight can bring in unwanted heat and hot spots, which can dampen the comfort levels of your home. We have a range of Solar Gard sun films that can block 79 percent of solar energy, as well as reduce heat and glare, ensuring comfortable indoor temperature levels are maintained. These films can also inhibit 99 percent of UV rays.

The line of sun film products from SolarGard are recognised and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council of the United States. NFRC is an independent, non-profit organisation that rates the energy-efficiency of structural products, including windows, doors, and skylights. SolarGard’s sun films have passed the Product Certification Program of NFRC. These have a factory warranty of up to 10 years. Solar Gard window film products are available in a wide range of options to suit every need.

Sun Film for Cars

If you are interested in protective film coating for cars, we have a range of sun film for cars available in Dubai. Browse through our website for more information on these.

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