Smart Film in Dubai: Top Options for Safe & Security Film Products

A safety film is used primarily used to prevent glass breakage, which can pose a risk of physical injury to people. This type of smart film in Dubai can be used on different types of glass, including annealed, laminated, or toughened glass. The thickness of these safe and security films can be adjusted into varying thickness, from 4 millimetres to 14 millimetres, to achieve the ideal level of protection and to fit the dimensions of the glass pane. These security films can be used for both internal and external applications.

Solar Gard Armorcoat Safety Films

Solar Gard safe films can be manufactured specifically for security applications, such as covering glass doors and glazing or insulating home windows. These can bolster the security of a property and thwart unwanted and forced entry to your home, office, or showroom. Solar Gard’s film product range also includes variants with heat-resistant properties, which can reduce sun and UV ray exposure, provide shade and comfort, and perform for a longer time.

There are many ways safe and security films are able to help prevent disasters and injury to people, some of which include the following:

  • Minimising casualty in the event of natural disasters – Natural disasters like earthquakes can cause glass to break and fall. In fact, most injuries incurred during a natural disaster are due to falling or flying glass shards. Safe films prevent glass from breaking apart and flying in case of impact. 
  • Mitigating damage in case of explosions – Like with natural disasters, explosions can cause untreated windows, doors, and partitions to shatter and split into different directions. A smart safe film can help contain the pieces, thus avoiding the risk of injury.
  • Reducing risk in case of glass breakage due to thermal heat – In the Middle East, local temperature can skyrocket during summer, which can result in glazing units breaking and falling apart. This can harm people and damage properties. A safety film installed on windows can hold the broken glass in one piece and stop the glass from falling down, unless the fixing agent fails.

Trusted Smart Film Provider in Dubai

For those looking for a smart film, Dubai customers can turn to Solar Heat Insulation LLC. We are a leading and authorised distributor of Solar Gard products in the United Arab Emirates. If you want to source high-quality safe films, contact us today and find out how we can meet your requirements.

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