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Solar Gard ClearShield: The best car paint protection in Dubai and the UAE

Solar Heat Insulation L.L.C offers some of the most technologically advanced protective film products for cars in the market today. In partnership with SolarGard, one of the foremost film solutions developers and manufacturers in the world, our company seeks to push the envelope when it comes to protective film technologies, and provide consumers with quality solutions that protect their automobiles from excessive wear and tear.

ClearShield is a technologically advanced car paint protection product that is designed to protect the original coating and finish of your vehicle. Composed of a durable, thick protective film, ClearShield can protect the exterior of your vehicle from the small debris you might encounter on the road, such as stone and wood chips, as well as the occasional litter. Not only does it provide protection against physical damage, but it also shields your paint finish from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, thus preventing accelerated fading.  

The technology behind our paint protection film in Dubai

ClearShield is a made of advanced urethane film that has been developed to endure elevated levels of exposure to ultraviolet rays, mild blunt force impact, and extreme temperatures. Designed as a clear, visually undetectable layer of coating, ClearShield can protect the exterior of your vehicle from the physical hazards of everyday driving – from road gravel to stone chips and small debris. Our protection film can also shield your vehicle from bird droppings, which trigger chemical reactions on the paint surface, causing the paint to dull.

Installation of ClearShield on any vehicle is quick and easy, without requiring the use of special fasteners, adhesives, glues, or nuts and bolts. It is designed with a self-adhesive layer, which does not leave residue on the paint finish upon removal or replacement. This means there will be no alterations on the surface of your vehicle upon application of this protective film, allowing you to retain the original appearance of your car.

It can also be installed on car headlights, which fade to a foggy kind of white due to the combination of extreme temperatures in UAE and direct exposure to sunlight. Maintenance is easy as well – routine cleaning, washing, and waxing are enough to keep it in perfect condition.

As a sign of confidence in our paint protection film, Dubai and UAE customers receive a strong, 5-year warranty packaged with our product.

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Ultra Performance

Our Performance Series films have industry-leading color stability, unprecedented clarity, and excellent UV and solar heat rejection.They feature the latest technological advances.

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Our advanced nano technology products are durable than any other in the industry and warranted upto 10 years with factory backed warranty.

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