Frosted Film and Stickers for Glass in Dubai

Add an extra layer of class and sophistication to your windows, both internally and externally. Frosted film is a translucent film that is applied to the surface of glass to change its appearance, whether for aesthetic purposes to add some unique patterns to the glass or for privacy purposes. Frosted glass film offers amazing versatility because the patterns can be of any design, which truly give your space a unique appearance — essentially gaining the look of having new windows without actually having to replace them. As such, frosted stickers for glass are a popular choice in offices and commercial premises, giving an otherwise dull workplace an added bit of character that will impress your potential clients and employees alike. They are also commonly seen at home on things such as bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

If you’re looking for the top frosted film products on the market, you’ve come to the right place. Solar Heat Insulation LLC has a broad range of frosted glass film products at the best prices.

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At Solar Heat Insulation LLC, we pride ourselves on being the go-to destination in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE when it comes to a broad range of window tinting and film products, including frosted film and stickers for glass. No matter what your needs are, Solar Heat Insulation LLC will work closely with you to ensure that we deliver you results that exceed your expectations. Our expertise extends to a broad range of other applications, including car window tinting, sun control films and much more. Browse through our website to see more of what we offer today!

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