Premium films in Dubai, from window films to decorative films for glass

Solar Heat Insulation L.L.C. is one of the premier film companies in Dubai today, providing a wide variety of high quality film products, sourced from top-grade manufacturers and developers from around the globe.

Our product line includes frosted interior decorative films for glass in Dubai that feature the same look as sandblasted or etched glass, at a fraction of the cost. This delivers the same benefit of having increased privacy, while allowing a good amount of light into a space. Additionally, frosted films are easy to customise, allowing you to include your company logo or brand in the finish. And if you feel like changing the design, it can be removed without much effort.

We also offer dusted decorative window film products that boast the textured look of sandblasted glass. Using industry standard application technology, our decorative window film products take a short time to install. If you want to add a dynamic texture and finish to your glass panels, doors, and windows, this is the perfect option for you. It also offers the same customisation options as our frosted decorative films, which means you can have your brand, logo, or caption fashioned into the finished product.

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Window films that protect you and your property in Dubai

Solar Heat Insulation L.L.C. is an official film dealer of products developed, enhanced, and manufactured by Solar Gard, one of the premier names in the industry today. As one of the leading film companies in Dubai, we are confident our premium panel and window films are capable of blocking 99 per cent of ultra violet rays, thus protecting your skin from excessive exposure. Furthermore, our decorative window film products feature multiple layers of protection, which helps protect your interior furniture and fabrics from premature fading and aging.We have a reputation for offering the best decorative films in Dubai.

As a Dubai based film dealer, we offer a wide range of customisation options for customers to choose from, leading to a variety of real-world applications. Our panel and window films can be used in:

  • Lobby areas
  • Reception
  • Conference rooms
  • Residential units
  • Private offices

Benefits of using our quality films in Dubai

Our products are integrated with a thick polyester layer, which helps prevent cases of breakage or shattering.
Cost Effective
As an official film dealer, we are able to provide competitive rates for our products, all of which are excellent alternatives to the more expensive frosted and dusted glass.
Enhanced Privacy
Our decorative films for glass allow a good amount of light to pass through without compromising privacy, which is perfect for private offices and workspace partitions.

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