Car tinting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, from auto films to privacy glass film

In an environment as sun-drenched as the UAE, making sure you have ample protection against ultra-violet rays is essential. Absorbing excessive levels of UV rays can lead to premature aging of the skin and even skin cancer. Additionally, sun rays can also cause glare for drivers on the road, which can prevent them from having optimal vision while behind the wheel.

Make sure you are prepared to face any type of challenge on the road, through precautionary measures like car window tinting, applying car film protection, or utilising privacy glass film for cars. Source premier quality automotive films, glass stickers, privacy window film products, and more from one of the leading names in the industry today - Solar Heat Insulation L.L.C.

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Find the best auto films and car tinting offers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Solar Heat Insulation L.L.C. is your number one source of high quality glass stickers, auto films, and car window tinting solutions in the city of Dubai today. We offer a variety of privacy window film and film protection products for cars designed to help improve visibility on the road, protect your vehicle from excessive UV exposure, and make your daily drives more enjoyable.

Our products are sourced from SolarGard Saint-Gobain, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of car film protection products in the world today. Integrating the latest in glass tinting technology, our products for car tinting in Dubai are capable of reducing solar heat penetration by up to 70 per cent, thus producing a more comfortable ride, while also providing skin protection equivalent to SPF 285.

With our glass tinting products, drivers also enjoy reduced exposure to glare and bright headlights, improving visibility and road safety. Finally, our glass stickers and films boosts your privacy by making the inside of your vehicle less visible to outsiders, deterring break-ins and theft. Look no further than our privacy glass film for cars for the ultimate security.

Get value for your money with our superior car tint deals in Dubai

Here at Solar Heat Insulation L.L.C., we offer the best car tinting deals in Dubai today. Our partnership with SolarGard Saint-Gobain allows us to bring the latest products to the public, with the most competitive car tint deals in the market. So if you want to spot the best tinting offers, you have come to the right place. Check out our tinting offers right now to see if there is any to your liking!

Solar Gard will be like sunscreen for your automobile, The high performance SolarGard window films blocks the Ultra Violet rays by 99% (UVA & UVB) and protect your skin from the skin darkening and other risk factor of excessive exposure to the sun light which leads to skin cancer . The multiple layers of SolarGard films protect your vehicle interior fabrics and leather from premature fading due to the harmful sun rays. SolarGard films reduce excessive glare & hotspots and keeps you in comfort and makes your driving really enjoyable.

High performance Solargard films are manufactured with 14 layers of protective coating for the maximum protection from the Heat and harmful rays. The patented multi layer nano technology protective layers does not interrupt your GPS or tele communication system in the desert or weak signal area. Solargard automotive films are available with variety of shades in various performance ratios with enhanced protection with SPF 285 and more.

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